This guy…


Hey guys… I got some CRAZY NEWS. I was playing tanki, and XxX-proplayer-XxX is in the battle too. (He is my friend.) I am there, bla bla bla, and he is in first place, and he is like—- has so many kills. And I don’t remember why, but I got mad at him, for something, I don’t remember what it was, but he says he is sorry. So you know, where he was in the battle, he must get a HUGE reward. About 10,000 crystals. (THAT IS ALOT.) and to say he was sorry and he “cares”. (He said he cares. Wow. Secrets out! Hehe…) he LEFT the battle and LOST all that “money.” Wow. All for me. Gosh I am like,


And to say thanks, I have a picture. IMG_8120.JPG

this disappearing act


okay… im so sorry… you are probably like : “WHERE IS BRAIXETTA?”

so… yeah… i am guilty…very…

how are you all? i am too lazy to look through all of your posts…. sorry! so i guess it is time to start fresh. don’t you think? well… this is not really a disappearing act… but i was gone a while.i have been trying to play, but i am at a library and wi-fi is as slow as HELL!

you wanna know why ii was gone.

i know…


i misbehaved… i lost my pokemball… so  i got banned for a while…. 😦

you know…

well, lets forget about that.

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The fight, the story from we left off…


Okay guys. I lost my comics. I know I should be more responsible, but I lost em. So let’s do this in story form:

“I AM sly.” I think as tails looks back at me.
“Let’s do this.” He smiles, blowing his hairs away.
“Alright! That’s why we came here anyway.”
He moves his tails into a propelling motion, and thrusts himself at me. The strength of his robot glove could crush my legs, if I did not dodge that attack. So I leap into the air with all my might, snag my stink, from the flowing fur of my tail, and set a flame. He Turns back and gets up from the rocky battlefield, but by then my flame is blasting at him. He turned just in time to save half of his face from the frightful fire of my stick. Then the whole left side of his face was singed black. Is three hairs were burnt, and his tail on his left side was black as well. I can’t even explain how angry he was! he was running at me, at top speed! I have no clue what to do, my stick was already back in my tail so I had no time to attack back. He grabs my tail and pulls me into the air and slammed me down onto the Rocky dirt. Over, and over, and over. So many times. I am hopeless. As I said, his robot glove is super powerful! There was nothing I could do but just try to squirm away with my small cuts.
Meanwhile, Samson must’ve been pretty worried, if you know what I mean. Quilladin and couldn’t even take a peek. Samson did something that saved my life. I’m sure you’re wondering why the battleground hasn’t changed yet. It’s because the guy was working the battleground was
A drunken lucario. Yep. Completely passed out. finally, dinodimare arrived. Shade follows Sampson, and they rolled the drunk guy into the closet, and did some crazy effects to the battleground. First they give me like 1 million votes, so there’s a fire coming out of the ground. I have no idea who designed that, because the fire came out of the ground that would hurt me too. Must’ve been some sonic character… So shade is there and so is samson. They’re trying to get something to give me an advantage, but it completely fails, because a security guard walked in right behind strawberry, she was supposed to be coming in to help also. this big security guard was a little lucario also. And in this whole little fight, somebody presses 1 billion votes for tails. Is that even possible? Getting 1 billion votes for tails for real? Geez. So because of the 1 billion votes, a bunch of pillars start coming out of the ground and if you fall, you fall into nothingness. After the security guard to get beat up, The thing is fixed so tails gets zero votes. So all of a sudden, these pillars sink into the ground like normal. So the pillars fall down. But guess what? The pillars fall down faster than me! So I’m sitting here falling like the pillars vanished, and out of the blue, tails thinks he doesn’t have to kill me. Lucky me! So he comes flying to my little rescue, as if I’m his little princess. Jeez Louise, I already have like 1 million people crushing on me already.

I get rescued and everyone lives happily very after. NOT!