Mourning the dead


Three days ago at 6:21pm creamy the buff Orpington died of an attack from a dog. She was a strong hen. The lives 5 days. We gave her a funereal. Chickens are so special. People don’t understand. You would if you had them. I’m sure strawberry can relate.





3 thoughts on “Mourning the dead

  1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your chickie umu
    Chickens are really great animals, especially when tamed.
    I’ve had chickies die and have no clue as to what happened to them; I really miss them.
    Your buff was very pretty, though! The ones I have are really sandy-yellow. One of them looks like corn.

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  2. My Rooster died from a dog attack too. I don’t remember how long he lived after the attack, but I remember it was for a few days. He died while next to the hens that he loved and protected. He was a good and pretty rooster. He was nice and never tried to peck anyone. And whenever he had some food, he would offer it to the hens first before he ate it. His name was Mr. Rooster (yeah, I know. It’s a really original name). Anyway, I understand how you feel.


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