Top 5 Overrated Pokemon


so agree… well said…


Hey guys so today I am at the Kalos Library For Pokémon Only and I am going to make a Top 5 Overrated pokemon list. I probably will do “Shade’s Pick 8” instead of top 5 because 5 is too small and 10 is too much so yeah. Sorry about having ANOTHER late meme and rage comic…..

Number 5:

  • Chespin

So yeah, you may like chespin and all but people like him and I never cared for Chespin.

Froakie is better IMO.

I agree that Chespin is sort of cute but he is also sort of ugly.

Chespin’s species is “Spiny Nut Pokémon”


Would you think it cute if I got some nut still in its shell and drew a face on it?

Number 4:

  • Lucario

I am running a risk here… Lucario is the icon of Mega Evolution and Riolu is very unpopular.

What I don’t understand is…

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