You guys wanna end the emblemites?


Hey guys. I don’t know if you really wanna have me keep showing you guys the emblemites. If I keep going, when I publish it, people won’t buy the comic, they will more than likely go online and read it off here… So guys? Ok? Think of that as a preview, when I DO publish it, I’ll give you guys the link!

Sorry about the Inconvenience, and the typos,


15 thoughts on “You guys wanna end the emblemites?

  1. I know how! take a picture of your embelmites then edit the outlines on photoshop! Make the writings of the dialogue like the other comic books make the characters outline be blacker or darker and the comic strips should be darker too! Then after a while…. HUZZAH! Look at the results! Now publish it! It will be the first pokemon fan-made book by you!


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