I really don’t know!


Hmmm… Guys. I can’t decide who Korrina should fall in love with! Makah or Denny? Okay Denny sinnoh, don’t just go and pick Denny because he has your name, I want you to think who is a cuter couple. Cause I can remake pg.24, and make it Denny. But I wanna know which is better. Makina or denina. Here’s a pic to help you decide. OR should it be someone else?



17 thoughts on “I really don’t know!

  1. Rosslyn_Glasses

    Makah! The two look so cute together…

    Although, if wackiness is your cup of tea, Denny would be a good pick…

    I’m not really helping. I find both of these choices cute…too much cuteness! *grabs Labyrinth soundtrack and presses play to try and hide from all the cute fluffy pairings*


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