The delay


Hey guys… Sorry I haven’t done “The Emblemites”, we had a huge storm, and we have a leak in the roof. I left the comics in a stack on the desk under the leak, and they were ruined. So I’ll have to work on em all. Sorry about that.

~~~ Braixetta ❤


8 thoughts on “The delay

  1. That’s terrible! But, don’t feel too bad about having to have a slight delay on “The Emblemites”, I haven’t wrote a new chapter for Trainer Strawberry since I-Don’t-Know-When, so I won’t hold a little delay against you. 😉


  2. Rosslyn_Glasses

    Don’t worry about that sort of delay. Heck, my Super Paper Mario-based fanfiction has had its 22nd chapter on hold since July due to lack of good ideas. And mostly because I double-read up on the game and found several details that make writing Dysfunctional two times harder now.


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