My fave songs


Okay, I’ve had me stuck in my head all day. You humans can sing pretty well. I song like; braixen! Braiiiii!!! Xen!!!!


4 thoughts on “My fave songs

  1. Now for some of “Denny’s Humor” to cheer you up:

    Viewing the second music video, and seeing all that rich-and-famous, “fast lane” lifestyle these people lead , it can be a little intimidating. What with the mansions and expensive cars and exclusive nightclubs and all.

    Denny was wondering if these fast-lane chicks would be impressed by his extensive collection of Pokémon legendries ?


    • Lol. Dude, is you wife offended by this? Lol. I think only pokefans would. The video you were talking about was “dangerous.” Hope you like it. I found that song when I was looking at fennekin tributes:


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