The fight


Okay guys, don’t freak, but there has been a horrible problem, HORRIBLE. You see, Pokemon and sonic have gotten into a bit of a fight. So sega and Nentendo. The worst part is that the one they chose to fight was me. So I wound up being the one who has to fight tails.

Yes, I, Braixetta Fennek, must fight Tails the fox.

Why me? Because I told you humans “too much” about our kind. I really think you guys should know, I mean like that is don’t if what The Emblemites comics resemble! I have no Idea what this whole fight is about, or who I’m fighting tails, but I know one thing,

I need your vote.

I need it more than you think. Vote for tails, and the arena will be to a flying thingy’s advantage, but the more votes for me, more of an advantage to a firery, elegant, beautiful, foxy,fox.
Now, vote whoever, sega told me not to sound desperate, or pokemon would lose whatever is going on. It may be slavery, or whatever, just help. Whoever you want. I will make some comics of what happens. Thanks.

~~~ Braixetta


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