the Fennek Family Photo


are you guys enjoying “scan?”

Here is my family photo, sorry it’s a bit small, and blurry, but I’m gonna tell you about my family.

My dad (Heath): I don’t know if Heath is much of a name, I never heard of it before, but he was named by his parents, not me. He is pretty funny and is a real joker, he says all the time:

‘You girls got it easy! You don’t have to ruffle your hair so it looks more manly, and you got a selection of how you want to marry! By golly! And my poor son! Braixetta, it ain’t fair to him he gotta brush his “skirt” to the sides! Oh well! I’ll consider myself lucky I didn’t have to chase Denice to get her!’

My brother (Jason): a real smarty pants, he is clever, like a fox should be, but he does not respect “feminism”
He’ll literally grab my dresses and cut them into shirts, and sew the bottom part into some pants, now, my closet has a lock! He luckily is not too much of a rebel, he doesn’t get into tattoos, or piercings, but he loves the girls who are practically a boy, but still have a small but if feminism. (Not saying he’s gay)

My little sister(finny): okay, Heath named this one! I’m just glad my mom named me! The name is awkward, but I have to give him credit, the name is as weird as the personality. One time she went to California with mom on a business trip, and smuggled her friend onto the plane. So in a week, that friend will be on their way home.

My mom (Denice): this one will be quick, I’m sure you got other things to do, I’m afraid to admit, but…. Drum roll please…. My mom is afraid of cameras. Okay, I know she looked at ease in the photo, but it was murder practically to get her into that studio. How afraid is she? 10x more afraid of cameras then I am of cockroaches! And that’s saying ALOT! So, let’s do me now.

me (Braixetta): you know me a lot, so I’ll put facts about myself, •I love computer games, • I love being asked questions, • I hate school.
That’s about it, everything else you know, almost everything else…. Muahahahaha!!!!!!

Braixetta family photo


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