Okay guys, this is really off topic, but I have the worst problem. Can you guess? NAIL BITING!!! It’s horrible! I don’t have to worry about how it looks, because my fur covers up my nails, but it’s PAUNFUL!!!

Can you guys help me out? I have tried so many ways, even scared myself into stooping, but it’s addictive!! Please, I know you can help somehow!!


6 thoughts on “HELP!!!

  1. I used to have a problem with nail biting. I don’t really remember how I stopped, but I think one thing I did that helped me was I kept my nails really short. Like almost trimmed them down too far, short. Because, if I kept them short, I didn’t have anything to bite. I’ve also heard that if you dip your nails in hot sauce, and make sure they stay covered in hot sauce, that it helps some people stop biting their nails.


  2. Rosslyn_Glasses

    I had that problem all too well. Until…

    I got braces on my teeth!

    Naturally, I couldn’t chew anything anymore, so the habit broke! Now my nails are as dangerous as a Raticate’s nails…except, I’m not a Raticate.


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