Leibster award


Okay, I totally forgot what I’m gonna win, but the nerd nebula nominated me for the liebster award. ( I think that’s how you spell it )

Okay, so I have to put a few facts about myself:

• I am a braixen
• I love sushi
•my brother is crazy
• my fave thing to do is DRAW AND BLOG!!!
• If I had one wish it would be for MORE WISHES
• my fave book is Black beauty
• hmmmm…. Daydream….
•I love to be asked questions…
• I think eating is fun!
• I love to text
• my fave computer game is http://www.tankionline.com

Okay… Here is what the nerd nebula said, not me:

The Nerd Nebula would like to give a shout out to Giant Size Comic Things for nominating us for a Liebster award. As you know; this chain award nomination offers great exposure to smaller up and coming blogs:

Liebster Award

Picture at the bottom

There are varying rules for the Liebster award; of which i am using this set of rules:

Rules are at the bottom

Liebster Award Rules
I am breaking some of the rules…Instead of answering questions im just going to list my random facts:

Blue is my favorite colour.
I love drawing & writing.
Titanic is my fave movie.
Stitch is my fave Disney character.
I love most video games; but the story line in Half Life & The Last of Us was just too amazing.
I enjoy weightlifting; and would like to be a beefcake.
I used to skateboard & want to get back into it.
I’ve dislocated my left shoulder & knee (more than once); and i only lost 3 of my baby teeth naturally.
I enjoyed reading Paths of Glory; and most Matthew Reilly books i like. However, my favorite story is The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
My mother’s side of the family descended from Sir Edward Pellew.
I love baseball caps 🙂
I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Liebster Award:

David M Beecroft
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
Before I Forget…
Thy Critic Man
Chateau do Vinnie
Data Glitch
Kat Webber
✘ Hack It! ✘

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My eleven questions for you:

• do you like pokemon?

• are you a pokemon?

• would you want to be a pokemon?

• if you had one skill, that you were perfect at, what would it be?

• what movie do you like that is also a book?

• what is your favorite food?

• if you could drink only one thing, what would it be?

• do you like smoothes or juices?

• what is your fave fruit?

• what is your hobby?

• do you have talents? Can you show them to me in a post?

My nominations:

Denny sinnoh

I draw pokemanz

Port folio




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