New emblemite: Kakawan


My best friend came up with the name, she’s pretty good at making up names out of nowhere. She will think of it in two seconds 😛

Okay, first of all, kakawans are tribal emblemites, unlike the other ones, they are all about war, it’s their nature, they don’t like to just slaughter emblemites, they like to feel power. Like the Romans, they can conquer so many big empires. Also, they are as smart as HECK! One thing that they do to find out what they will be, is when born, a leader, (I didn’t draw it 😦 ) will give them a blessing and will chant: Hoya-Hoya-Hoya-wan! And they will place the feathers of hunter, doctor, teacher, warrior, or something else on their head.


FYI, when it drew the picture if hunter, you see where it says 100% Female? That means all hunters are female, and when it says male and female, that means male and female can be it.

So! What do you think? Which is your favorite? Which “crown/hat” do you like most? PLEASE COMMENT!!!


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