If you were a pokemon…


If you were a pokemon who would you be? Would you be wild or tame? Would you be kalos, sinnoh, or even unova? What type would you be? Or would you be a trainer? What berries would you like? Spicy, sweet, sour? What would your attitude be?
I like sour berries… And spicy….

What are you? Please comment!!!





9 thoughts on “If you were a pokemon…

  1. I will channel the spirit of Snivy: Snivy is very misunderstood being. Snivy is a snake. Most people hate snakes. Snivy is also a poisonous vine. Most people hate weeds. There are those who are always trying to burn or kill Snivy.

    Perhaps we humans can never fully understand Snivy. His form to we humans appears to be a manifestation of everything people hate. Why does he appear to human perceptions as a snake/vine? Like all Pokemon, can his true nature ever be truly understood by imperfect humans? Snivy is not bad. It takes a special trainer to understand Snivy.

    Snivy may not make a good first impression. Who can love a poison vine snake? Of course, we know that Snivy is good, and cute. Funny how so many are not able to see that.

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    • I love snakes. I knew a person named darks who hated them. I always knows that she had it all wrong. They are amazing creatures that deserve more respect. I belive I can understand snivy more like you because I am a pokemon myself.

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  2. Rosslyn_Glasses

    *reads questions*

    Challenge accepted.

    Name: Luka
    Age: 15 (almost 16) human years
    Species: Pokemon
    Pokémon species: Lucario
    Pokémon type: Fighting, Steel
    Region of birth: Sinnoh
    Region of residence: Kalos
    Preferred Berry type: Anything sweet
    Brief description: Instead of being a rough-and-tumble fighter (like most Lucario), Luka would rather play games or bake Poffins from Sinnoh than to fight. Luka likes to find items/berries and trade them to other Pok√©mon for different items/berries. Most Pok√©mon/people look down on her because of her timidness, but she appears to not know or care. (She actually does know that Pok√©mon/people look down on her, and she doesn’t like it.)


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