Pokemon cards


Heya! What’s up? Sorry I haven’t gotten a pokemon post in forever, so… A long time ago, like I said in my very first post, I bought an EX tin of my evolved form. And it had two EX CARDS, palkia and thunderus. So I got a total of three EX’S. So, to my pokemon followers, I wold like to ask… Do you play pokemon cards? I do. And I got hundreds, I mostly have the new looking black and white ones. And unfortunately, I only have 2 braixen cards! I was so sad to find I traded a lot of them! (BTW, I bought the fennekin starter kit) and myBFF who is a retania, the emblemite, has a holographic braixen card. It was like a holy mirror of me.
So anyway, how many do you have?
Do you have any?
So you play with them?
I’d love to hear!



8 thoughts on “Pokemon cards

    • X-D, I know right, and the little damage counters are always getting lost, and I don’t know where my coin is. Tell you’re son that it I said it takes a big brain not to forget all the burn, poison, special effects, (etc)

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  1. Peter45

    I used to play and collect quite a lot. I don’t anymore, but by collection consists of 90% D&P era cards. If I had to estimate total amount, I’d say probably around 700 cards. I may get back into playing it with the new iPad game revealed.


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