Pokemon Vs Digimon


Which do You think is better? Whose games do you think are better? In my opinion, I think digimon is copying, because it was made two years AFTER pokemon came out… And I mean look at tai, he has hair like ash! I meanthe COULD be a little more CREATIVE about it! And there is a red alligator guy…. He has some black… I think he has a pre-evolved form that looked like charmander!

Discuss what you think…



3 thoughts on “Pokemon Vs Digimon

  1. I’m too invested in Pokemon to vote otherwise. I will say that the first Digimon movie, directed by the great Mamoru Hosoda is a much better anime than it is given credit for. Japanese cimema/anime historians will see precursors of his later movies in it. Although it was a “kids” movie, I think that it holds up well as a stand alone film. Probably as good if not better than any off the Pokemon movies.

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  2. Nice blog you have here. Pokemon is better in my opinion but I don’t think that Digimon is copying Pokemon. I have played games from both franchises and I am a fan of both. In fact when some Pokemon from Pokemon Black/White were revealed people said that GAMEFREAK was starting to copy Digimon.

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